The Underdog is a product of the talents of a few Middlebury College graduates. They believe in the power of a good beer after a hard day's work, old-school funk music and coveralls. 


Tommy "Wildman" Hyde


Tommy is a LA-based documentarian and the filmmaker-in-residence at the Middlebury Town Hall Theater. Doug was the subject of the very first video he produced as a student and he's thrilled to bring the experience he has gained over the years back to this original story. When he's not up to his knees in cow manure, he likes traveling absurd distances to go surfing and re-watching the Big Lebowski.

Bjorn "Bjornicorn" Peterson


Bjorn is a Burlington-based graphic designer. As an off-kilter creative mind he's excited to explore the interplay between graphic design and film. He has high hopes that his chubby daushchund, Bogart, will make Doug's championship team.

Tito "Romeo" Heiderer

Music and Sound

Tito Heiderer is a LA-based composer. Tito knows Doug and his story well from his years in Vermont, cheering on the team from the sidelines of many races. When not writing or recording music, Tito enjoys the finer things in life, such as Egyptian silk briefs and Vermont Sour Appletinis.


Doug really likes nicknames. He gives one to just about everyone he meets. We've listed our own here because Doug, "The Boss Man," insisted on it.