Tommy Hyde


Tommy lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and is filmmaker-in-residence at the Middlebury Town Hall Theater. A graduate of Middlebury college (‘14.5)

Doug was the subject of the very first video he produced as a college freshman. He has been collecting footage for this film for the better part of a decade and is thrilled to bring the experience he has gained over the years back to this original story.

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Aaron Woolf

Producer & Writer

Aaron Woolf along with his production company Mosaic Films are helping to script and produce the film

Aaron is a fellow Middlebury graduate ('86) who lives across the lake in Elizabethtown. 

He is a Peabody, Rockie and Logie award-winning filmmaker who is no stranger to farm stories. His incredibly impactful film King Corn has changed the dialogue around how we eat and how we farm.

Matt Anderson

Associate Producer

Matt is a Los Angeles-based film producer. He is a co-founder with Tommy of Nice Marmot Films.


Tito Heiderer

Music Composition

Tito is a LA-based music composer. Tito knows Doug and his story well from his years in Vermont, cheering on the team from the sidelines of many races.